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  • by Benue State State
  • July 8, 2023
  • DLI-2.1

Name of Beneficiary: Mrs. Aondona Mnena Name of State: Benue LGA: Makurdi Community: Fiidi Name of DLI and Title of Project: 2.1/ soybeans production The farmers in Makurdi LGA were not left out of the praises poured on the government for the benefits they got in agricultural inputs. For instance, in Fiidi FCA, a women group, Mbaagi Women MPCS Ltd, that is in to soybean production through one of their members. Mrs. Aondona Mnena Mercy, said unlike other project that relegated women and other vulnerable people in the society, this project came to their location and ensured that they benefitted by getting the inputs that they were promised during the sensitization. She also eulogized the Extension Service Provider who taught them not just production but post-harvest handling of their soybean crop as well as linkage to off-takers and marketing.



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