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  • by Benue State State
  • July 8, 2023
  • DLI-2.3

Name of Beneficiary: Okwungaga Ugbokolo Name of State: Benue LGA: Okpokwu Community: Ugbokolo Name of DLI and Title of Project: 2.3/ cassava processing Testimonial from the beneficiary: Also in Okwungaga, Ugbokolo FCA in Okpokwu LGA, the cassava processing machine has processed over 25 tons of cassava since they collected the machine and have made N130,000.00 as income. The group leader, Mr. Moro George, applauded the project for their magnanimity. He said ‘I was surprised that this project did not ask for counterpart fund which most rural project do for beneficiaries to benefit and once the beneficiaries did not meet up, they are usually denied benefiting but that was not with this one. So I think it’s a good thing else my group members would not have befitted.



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