frequently asked questions

What you should know about NG-CARES program.

NG- CARES is Nigeria Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus. This is a social protection and emergency response intervention program set by the Federal Government on behalf of the States in collaboration with the World Bank to implement state budgeted activities leveraging on existing implementing structures.

The program became effective in November 2021. It is a two-year program and is expected to close by 2023.

The target beneficiaries are the poor and vulnerable households who are worse hit by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. eg, those whose livelihoods have been affected as a result of COVID. Beneficiaries of Result Area 2 are small-scale holder farmers in existing groups.

The key objective of NG-CARES program is to protect the livelihood and food security of the poor and vulnerable, thereby facilitating the recovery of local economic activities in participating States across Nigeria.

The program provides financial support to the States to fulfill objectives in three key Result Areas;

  • Result Area 1: Increase cash transfers and livelihood support to the poor and vulnerable households
  • Result Area 2: Increase food security and safe functioning of food supply chain for the poor and vulnerable households.
  • Result Area 3: Prevent collapse and facilitate the recovery of households /micro enterprises.

The Fadama structure is the delivery platform for Result Area 2

It is an instrument/funding structure of the World Bank that links disbursement to the achievement of tangible result.

The State Government is funding the program. The fund is a State loan from the World Bank and a grant to beneficiaries. The total program cost of 750 million USD

The specific objective of Result Area 2 - RA2 is to Increase food security and safe functioning of food supply chains for poor households.

CARP is Community Action Recovery Plan, which is the disbursement instrument for RA2. It is a detailed plan of activities and costs to be implemented by the Farmer Community Association (FCA).

  • CARPs will be prepared by FCA with the support of facilitators
  • Technical and field appraisal will be conducted at the State Fadama Office and Local Fadama Desk respectively
  • Approval will be given by Head of Agric at the Local Government.

Communities will be funded through the Community Action Recovery Plan. Subsequent to approval of CARP, FCA and SFCO using procurement procedures will engage service providers to implement the DLI activities.


The World Bank will provide funds to the State through the State Account. A-State is eligible to access N20 million. The fund will be disbursed across the delivery platforms for implementation of the DLI activities.