Supports to be provided under RA2

The subproject activities categorized under four disbursement linked indicators (DLIs), which include the following;

A. DLI. 2.1
  • Inputs and services for crops and livestock production.
  • Mechanization services
  • Extension and advisory services.
  • Seed Multiplication.
B. DLI 2.2
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of small-scale irrigation
  • Rehabilitation of existing feeder roads and soil conservation measures
C. DLI 2.3.
  • Replacement of small ruminants
  • Provision of Farm Assets and equipment
  • Provision of energy-efficiency rated and renewable energy assets
  • Provision of agricultural waste management and reduce emissions equipment.
D. DLI 2.4
  • Water connecting points in markets (including toilets and entrances),
  • Boreholes and overhead tanks, upgrading of drainage system
  • Fumigation and water treatment services.

Criteria for Participation

  • Beneficiaries must be poor and vulnerable.
  • Small-scale holder farmer with farm size between 0.1-1 Ha
  • Farmer whose source of livelihood was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The unemployed women and youth.
  • Registered Economic Interest Groups (EIGs)
  • Validated/certified Farmer Groups.

Procedures for Implementation

Farmers must be registered members of a Group, and follow the procedures are:

  • Identification and selection of target beneficiary
  • Validation and profiling of Farmer Groups
  • Image capturing/biometrics exercise
  • Preparation of Community Action and Recovery Plans (CARPs)
  • Review and approval of CARPs
  • Identification of potential project sites
  • Mapping and geo-referencing of project sites
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Disbursement to Service Providers
  • Supply of Input, equipment, services, rehabilitation of roads, canals, construction of toilets and water facilities in wet Markets etc
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